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Madison and Vine : Why the Entertainment and Advertising Industries Must...
Current Price: $18.58 - Free Shipping

Your Child's Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent's Guide from
Current Price: $12.66 - Free Shipping

2017 Entertainment Book Card And Membership Only Exp 12/31/2017
Current Price: $6.99 - Free Shipping

NEW Humor, Entertainment, and Popular Culture During World War I by Karen A. Rit
Current Price: $75.39 - Free Shipping

Presumption : An Entertainment by Jane Austen and Julia Barrett (1995,...
Current Price: $14.05 - Free Shipping

Creating Blockbusters!: How to Generate and Market Hit Entertainment for TV, Mov
Current Price: $21.98 - Free Shipping

Sports and Entertainment Marketing
by Kaser, Mr. Ken; Oelkers, Dotty B. | HC | LikeNew
Current Price: $6.98 - Free Shipping

Arts and Entertainment (Field Guides to Finding a New Career)-ExLibrary
Current Price: $3.97 - Free Shipping

A True Book(tm)--Sports and Entertainment: Being Your Best at Football by Nel...
Current Price: $21.54 - Free Shipping

Before the Movies : American Magic Lantern Entertainment and the Nation's...
Current Price: $37.43 - Free Shipping

Vmusicbook: Mastering Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship for Independent H
Current Price: $11.59 - Free Shipping

The Media and Entertainment Industries: Readings in Mass Communications (ExLib)
by Greco, Albert N. | PB | VeryGood
Current Price: $3.99 - Free Shipping

Glencoe Marketing Series: Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Student Edition A
Current Price: $5.58 - Free Shipping

Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Current Price: $6.32 - Free Shipping

Russian Popular Culture: Entertainment and Society since 1900 (Cambridge Russia
Current Price: $6.62 - Free Shipping

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