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The Internet makes it relatively easy to get low prices on homeowners insurance and renters insurance, because there are services that allow you to get multiple free quotes and compare insurance plans. Most mortgages require homeowners insurance, and even if it isn't required, it is really nice to have in case you need it. Likewise, you'll be really glad you have renters insurance if you ever need it. Get a great deal on renters or homeowners insurance, and start by comparing free quotes from the insurance comparison services listed on this page.
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NetQuote Price Comparison Pick
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Whether you need auto insurance, homeowners insurance, family health insurance, life insurance or renters insurance, NetQuote is a free and simple way to get competing insurance quotes. They work with hundreds of insurance companies, to help you find the best policy for your individual needs. Price Comparison Pick
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InsureMe offers free auto, health, home and life insurance quotes. Just complete the online form and they will match your profile to the top 5 insurance companies who will work up their best rates for you. You should receive most of your free insurance quotes in just a couple of minutes.

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Homesite Online Shopping Pick
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Get a free renters insurance quote from today. Homesite's has a Renters Insurance Program with many unique benefits and handy features. Their system is designed for anybody who rents a home, whether it is an apartment or a house. These renters insurance policies are designed to protect against any personal liability, cover the loss of personal possessions, and provide assistance if your home is damaged due to a loss.

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Basics of Homeowners Insurance by Irina Kerr, WCS Publishing - 2002 Softcover
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Understanding Homeowners Insurance
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