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In addition to indexing all the best price comparison shopping bots, has reviews of many of the most popular price comparison shopping services. This review contains a detailed analysis of PriceGrabber's features, options, ease-of-use and quality of results. It also contains tips for finding the best prices and price comparison shopping more effectively with PriceGrabber.
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Price Comparison Shopping Reviews began as a price comparison shopping service that specialized in computers, electronics and video games. Building on their success at finding great deals on those products, they have added additional categories including books, movies and music. When comparison shopping for items in any of these categories, Price Grabber is a great shopping bot to use because it is fast, easy to use and tracks down great prices.

To use PriceGrabber, just enter the product name or exact model number into the search box. If a single match is found, you will instantly get the list of merchants selling the item. If there are multiple hits, you are presented with a list of all products matching your search terms, grouped by major categories. Select your product directly if you see it, otherwise choose one of the major category that is most appropriate and you will get a listing of all products that match within that category grouped by sub-categories. This makes it very easy to find your specific product.

Once you select your exact item, you are presented with a list of all merchants offering that product, sorted by price. If you enter your zip code (Price Grabber will automatically remember it for future visits), you are given approximate sales tax and shipping costs in addition to the product's price. It adds these together for your bottom line price, which is very useful since shipping costs and sales taxes can vary significantly between online merchants. Although shipping and sales tax is not included for every single vendor, it is included for the vast majority of them, making PriceGrabber superior to any other shopping bot in this regard.

For each merchant you also receive the in-stock status of your item and the Gomez Merchant Certification rating. Additionally you can click on the retailer info link next to each merchant for contact information plus detailed certification checklist information showing accepted payment methods, delivery options, return policies, availability of live customer support, online order tracking and other special features the vendor offers.

While most other price comparison shopping services do not list any detailed product information, includes a variety of information on most items. Typically they have a product picture and list the manufacturer, product description and information on any rebates that are available. They also have detailed technical specifications and consumer reviews. Although all of this information is provided through partners such as and, it is integrated directly with the website, making it easy to access.

PriceGrabber also has some other useful features. The website is available in Spanish as well as the English language default. They also provide wireless web access, so that you can comparison shop using your wireless phone. This is a great way to check if you can buy an item online for less than you are about to pay while you are at a local store. Finally, they have a product tracking feature, so that will automatically notify you when an item reaches your target price.

Many online shopping bots use the product title and description supplied by each merchant. Because each of these is usually slightly different, it can be hard to zero in on all the listings just for your specific item. However, with PriceGrabber it is easy to focus on all listings for just your item since they use a unified database. Its speed, easy to use interface and ability to track down low prices make PriceGrabber one of the best shopping bots for computers, electronics, books, movies, music and video games. (10/21/00)

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